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Grinding and polishing technology in repairing aluminum alloy wheel hub

发布时间:2020-09-02 17:19:47点击:15362

  Compared with steel wheel rim, aluminum alloy wheel hub has many excellent characteristics, such as: the wheel of the same specification can reduce a lot of weight, has enough strength, is not easy to corrode, the die casting process is simple, can be designed into any shape to meet people's aesthetic requirements and so on.

  Aluminum alloy wheel hub is not only used for decoration, but also an important part to determine the safety of the car. It needs to have enough strength to bear all kinds of loads when the car is running. Therefore, the material of aluminum alloy wheel hub is relatively expensive.

  In the repair of aluminum alloy wheel hub, the grinding and polishing process includes shape modification: firstly, use aluminum file or grinding head to repair the scratched part or convex part of welding part of the wheel hub to form it. Each curved surface is checked with a curved ruler, and the error is less than 0.5mm.

  Rough grinding: use 80-400 dry sandpaper to grind the surface in turn. The bending or irregular parts shall be carefully polished with sandpaper supported by soft cushion. The fine grinding allowance shall be slightly higher than the base surface. Filling: check whether there are pores and depressions on the polished surface, and fill with putty or aluminum putty.