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Introduction of CNC lathe for machining automobile hub

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  In the existing technology, wheel hub processing usually uses three jaw chuck to locate the outer circle blank, and then process the inner hole. Due to manual loading, it is impossible to judge whether the parts are in good condition or not, and can not eliminate the shaking problem during high-speed turning. Today, the small series will take you to understand the special CNC lathe for automobile hub processing.


  The utility model relates to a special CNC lathe for machining wheel hub assembly, which can effectively improve the machining efficiency of automobile wheel hub assembly.

  The hub clamp is installed on the main shaft of the spindle box assembly. The new CNC lathe for machining automobile wheel hub adopts X-axis servo motor to control the tool carrier assembly to move along the working guide rail on the x-axis, and the - Y-axis servo motor controls the tool carrier assembly to move along the tool carrier guide rail on the y-axis.

  The wheel hub fixture is installed on the lathe spindle to ensure the coaxiality of the holes on both sides of the wheel hub, so that the bearing holes on both sides of the wheel hub can be directly processed. The new type can meet the processing requirements of automobile wheel hub, reduce the scrap rate, improve the production efficiency, improve the processing quality of parts, and bring certain economic and social benefits for the manufacturing industry.