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Gravity casting process of aluminum alloy wheel hub

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  Compared with low pressure casting, gravity casting has the following advantages: lower investment cost of production equipment and mold; Products with complex product structure are easier to use gravity casting than low-pressure casting in process control. Due to the problem of product order and considering the production cost, some products with small order quantity need gravity casting production. Today, I will introduce the gravity casting process of aluminum alloy wheel hub.

  The specific steps of melting the raw materials of aluminum alloy wheel hub are as follows: put the aluminum alloy melt into the melting chamber in the furnace to form aluminum alloy liquid. When the temperature of aluminum liquid reaches 730 ℃ to 750 ℃, stir with slag spoon for 2-3 minutes.

  The specific steps of refining and degassing the molten aluminum alloy raw materials are as follows: blowing the refining agent into the smelting chamber with nitrogen to remove the gas and non-metallic inclusions in the aluminum alloy melt, adding the aluminum strontium master alloy, mixed rare earth and aluminum zirconium master alloy into the smelting furnace, and then the aluminum alloy melt entering the quenching and tempering chamber is modified and refined in the quenching and tempering room The aluminum alloy was treated with nitrogen and degassed twice.

  The molten liquid in the service room is poured into the mold through an iron spoon for casting. For the products with thin spokes and difficult to increase cooling air, the wall thickness of the side mold corresponding to the hot section thickness increases, which increases the heat absorption capacity of the mold, so that the position can accelerate solidification, and the feeding channel can play a greater role under the same conditions.